Boost your career with Pixion!

Pixion was always destined to be a company that puts an emphasis on exceptional quality of work. It started off strong, immediately bringing together several respectable, impactful, international projects and a handful of exceptional engineers and designers that would work on them.

We consider ourselves a boutique development agency, and we’re here to bring something special to every one of our projects.

Being supportive, thoughtful and professional to our employees is our nature


  • Warm and cozy office with fully equipped kitchen

    You’ll get all technical and functional equipment that will make you feel good & productive.

  • Relaxed & stimulating work atmosphere

    We take teamwork to the next level, even our current employees rate it as one of top perks offered.

  • Flexible working hours

    Work hours are completely flexible. We are fully aware that different people enjoy different schedules and we’re not here to interfere.

  • Work from home days (not fully remote policy)

    It’s perfectly fine to work from home every now and then, but the majority of the time should be spent with the team.

  • Open vacation policy

    Take a day off whenever you feel like it. As long as you’re mindful of the project you’re working on, take as many as you’d like.

  • Student vacations

    If you’re a student, you’re entitled to 10 days/year (more like 80 hours) to take off and still get paid.

  • Regular 1on1 career development interviews

    Whether you just want to chat with one of the founders or plan your career we got you covered with regular 1on1 meetings.

  • Voicing concerns

    Every employee is encouraged to voice their concerns about any aspect of their life that we have a handle on. There is no special procedure, we’re open, approachable and available for a casual sit-down at any time.


  • Highly competitive salary

    Regularly scheduled paychecks, depending on seniority and skills.

  • Summer/Christmas bonuses

    Helping you enjoy the most wonderful time(s) of the year properly.

  • End of year performance bonus

    The amount differs based on personal and Pixion’s performance, but usually amounts to a monthly pay or higher.

  • Baby bonus

    We love Pixion getting bigger in any way, so we congratulate our new parents with some extra kick.

  • Kindergarten compensation

    We offer to cover your child’s kindergarten monthly payments.

  • Employee rent compensation

    We can arrange to compensate your rent expenses if that’s something you want to do.

  • Personal education budget

    You are free to use the defined yearly basis budget for any conference of your choice.

  • Personal hardware budget

    Employees can choose any work-related tech item, and once bought item is yours to keep.

  • Finder’s fee

    If you know someone from your community with a talent(s) that would be a great asset for our team & projects, helping recruit them will be rewarded.

  • Team fun budget

    Even if we have one big team building event once a year we also enjoy smaller events through the year.

  • MultiSport card

    Access to most activities (gyms, pools, tennis fields...) in the country.

  • Voluntary pension savings fund payments

    You can opt-in for getting so called ’treći mirovinski stup’ payments.

  • Paid additional medical insurance policy

    Full annual physical exam with one special and two control check-ups included.

  • Paid parking space

    Our office is within crowded business center, but we’ve got you covered on terms of a secured parking spot nearby.


  • International clients and impactful projects

    Giving you the opportunity to do your best work yet.

  • Flat managerial structure

    We trust our employees to manage themselves. It also implies no project managers :)

  • Simple employment process

    The process only has one round, with a (rare) possibility of an additional homework task. Final decision is usually given within 7 days of last communication.

  • Onboarding and mentorship programme

    Every newcomer will be thoroughly onboarded and assigned a mentor so they always feel supported.

  • Working resources

    Documents like: Project Reporting Guidelines, Implementation Manual, Code Review Strategy, Release Management, Client Handbook… that would help you to be as efficient, communicative and professional as possible.

  • Learning resources

    Pluralsight, Futur, and similar platform accounts available.

  • Hocus-pocus

    An ongoing experiment that gives employees time to explore their ideas outside the scope of the project they are working on.

  • Thursday Presentations

    Sharing knowledge on a lot of topics that others never had the chance to research.

What our employees have to say about their experience at Pixion

”Working at Pixion has been one of the better decisions I've made. Supportive and pressure-free environment helped me to advance my skills even further and it opened doors to learn the new ones. Every day is a challenge, and I mean in the best possible way... new thing to learn, new technology to try, new problem to solve. And, if you wonder how is that a good thing, I'll tell you. You are never alone. People at Pixion have your back.”

Marin, Software Engineer

”Folks at Pixion found a perfect project for me that I've enjoyed working on for 3 years straight. I like the workflow we've set up over the years which includes code reviews and testing by our QA team, but my favourite activity is probably our weekly Coffee Time meeting where we get to share any problems we might have with a particular task and tackle it together as a team. Whether you want to improve or learn new tech I'm sure Pixion is the right place for you so come join us!”

Gordan, Software Engineer

”Pixion has proven to be an amazing workplace where I can further develop my skills. Working on challenging projects motivates me to always do and be better. I'm constantly learning about new and interesting topics and techniques so that I can introduce them to my everyday workflow. By working here I've gained confidence in what I do, and feel like I'm advancing professionally.”

Ena, UX/UI Designer

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